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2014 Urban Series The first whole-new series designed by “COLISY DESIGN STUDIO,” Fully functional and easy to use. All equipments bear ...

COLISY® Outdoor Gym System

COLISY® is the leading brand for outdoor fitness equipment. It's steady growth is the main reason that it remains to be the market leader in such segment. We provide fine quality products so that users can enjoy outdoor activities safely and comfortably.
COLISY® continues to improve in order to define modern lifestyles and shorten the distance between people, and construct a common communication channel.
We believe our products can help to relax people's mind and body, and relieve one from accumulated work pressure. We encourage people to cultivate the habit of regular exercises in order to strengthen individual’s health and stamina, as well as reducing the chance of disease occurrence.


COLISY® Outdoor Gym System concerns all users' safety, from design, production, to installation; all the processes conform to the international standard.

Fitness Facility Warranty Period

Two years: Main steel structure, strength of soldered joint.
One year: Inside horizontal axis and bearing, plastic a, metal parts.
Six months: The metal parts which contact to the ground, rope, ABS shaping plastic parts.

Product Warranty

COLISY® – warranty covers from products structure strength to material and manufacturing defects. Warranty doesn't cover the damage under intentionally destroy, unusual circumstance, normal wear, and slight color fading.

Quality Control System

In order to assure users safety, all our products are required to be controlled under high quality management. All of them need to pass strict examination, which adapts international standard and certification, before delivery. Many of our materials have already passed the testing method which conform the testing method in European country and the United States.The certification we have includes:

European standard DIN79000
BS DIN79000: 2012 Permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment- Safety requirements and test methods.

We are gradually applying for more certifications to let our customers know that they can lean on our products.(For more details, please contact us)