A Great Time to Visit Beijing

Beijing, a city sporting the world’s most state-of-the-art athletic facilities, is once again hosting the biggest sport show in China at its new CIEC. By honorably completing Olympic Games Beijing transformed dramatically from a political capital to a world-class mega city.

Among thousands of exhibitors ranging from outdoor stadium facility to indoor gym equipments, COLISY™, a brand that inspires, is making its presence in this year’s Beijing Sport Show. With CIRVE™ series being the highlight, we would like to invite you once again to our booth in Beijing to discover what COLISY™ has to offer. 2012-03-26

Find Important Info with Your mobile Phone

To visit our mobile website, simply visit www.colisy.com on your mobile phone. Or, you can scan the QR code using a QR reader app on your phone — no typing required! 2012-03-26

COLISY® won 2012 TaiSPO ALL STARS— Innovation's Stage of Excellence Competition

Progress takes time. Excellence takes courage. COLISY®’s CIRVE™ Series has won 2012 TaiSPO All Stars—Innovation’s Stage of Excellence Competition. The CIRVE™ Series was awarded as one of the best 14 best innovative products of the year. 2012-03-21